If it is your responsibility to manage or install passive fire protection products, materials or systems, it is also your responsibility to ensure that they are ‘fit for purpose’ i.e. that the manufacturer’s fire test and certification evidence fully covers the intended use. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the installer can demonstrate appropriate competency in the installation of the passive fire protection products, materials and systems used.

It is essential that the whole system is considered, including ductwork, fittings, supports, access doors, attenuators, etc.

We leave nothing to chance and supply you all your intumescent sealants, gaskets, mezz clamps and compliant set bolts.


Installers Scheme

Firetrace Ductwork ltd administer the Firetrace Ductwork ltd Installer’s scheme, under this scheme all installations of the Caswell Firesafe® system are witnessed as compliant before a Certificate of Conformity is released.

At the start of all new projects, an onsite Toolbox induction is presented to all those involved in the installation, and the site reviewed for any issues. This sets the standard to which the CASWELL Firesafe® system needs to be installed to (as tested method). Onsite Technical Support is ongoing throughout the project, AT NO EXTRA COST, with regular site visits from Firetrace Ductwork Ltd’ Compliance Coordinators to ensure compliancy first time and on completion.

Technical support includes advice on, and the provision of, bespoke ductwork support systems complete with the correct fixings for the load, span and building substrate as well as the correct method to install the CASWELL Firesafe® system.

Installers registered on the scheme will receive an official Installers Card.

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LPS-SD198(appendix B12)
BS476 part 24 1987
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