Non Coated Fire Resistant Ductwork

BY Tony Warwick

Non Coated Fire Resistant Ductwork

Ductwork Installation Contractors have pointed out to us that as the Firesafe® system is lighter than other fire resistant ductwork systems it is quicker to install.

Quicker installation and less materials make it a very economic system to install and enables Ductwork Contractors to win more business.

We manufacture Firesafe Fire Resistant Ductwork® on a supply only basis and will support you throughout to ensure a compliant installation, leading to certification, first time, every time.

Firetrace Ductwork Ltd manufacture fire resistant ductwork systems to BS 476 part 24, EN 1366-1 & EN 1366-8 on a supply only basis.

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LPS-SD198(appendix B12)
BS476 part 24 1987
Cert - LPCB Ref 1345a

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ISOQARCert No. 12816
ISO 9001

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